Freedom Blueprint Webclass

Ok! Here it is!

That little webinar that you just HAVE to watch.

Kristie X Ord, is a 7 figure online entrepreneur, mum of soon to be 2 kids, and all round genuine, bad ass business chick! Why wouldn’t you want to learn from her??

So, what are you about to learn

The 3 Fundamental Steps Any Freedom Driven Person Needs To Understand To Create A Successful Online Business – that’s the end goal after all, Freedom!

1. The High Impact, High Ticket, High Profit Formula – learn the difference between selling a low value item and a high value item.

2. The essential skill set you need to crush it online! Hint: you already have most of it. Trust me. And I will teach you the rest!

3. The power of online automation – There are two things that can give you Freedom in this life Time and Money. Lets get your business automated so you can go off and live your life!

What happens after the Webinar?

Well!! This is where things really heat up!

Firstly, until March 10th 2020, this next step it FREE! Say Whaaaaat!? You are going to dive super deep into exactly what this business is about and how your life is going to change.

The Next Step is The Discovery Process – here you will watch some short videos and fill in some questions about where you want to be in your life. What are your goals and visions in exactly how you want your life to look like. Why are you considering starting an online business?

Finally, you will get a FREE one on one coaching call with a Digital Business Specialist yes, you get to talk to a real person! Here, you will get help setting up your own personalised game plan for your new business.

I absolutely love this process. Its the perfect mix of pers